Which State Rice?


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There are varieties of rice grown in different areas within the United States, but we’re specifically look at just two different kinds from two states in the United States.


Louisiana Pecan or Wild Pecan Rice is a long-grain riceLouisiana pecan rice picture grown only in the bayou country of southern Louisiana. It has a flavor suggesting pecans with a nutty, rich aroma and flavor. Many times it is known as Wild Pecan Rice and perhaps popcorn rice. Its calories rate is about the same as for other rice, and it is a higher carbohydrate.

This particular rice is an excellent source of folate, a good source of iron, niacin, and thiamin. It is delicious as a side dish with Indian and Middle Eastern meals since the grains remain separate and firm.


It shouldn’t be surprising that Carolina Rice is a long-grain white rice from South Carolina, Carolina-rice-pic-150x150United States. This type of rice actually started in Indonesia but was transported to Madagascar and then to the Carolina plantations. It was in the Carolinas where it was the first rice variety commercially grown.

This rice was then exported throughout the world and provided great fortune to the many rice plantations of the South, but Carolina rice disappeared when the rice industry in the Carolinas collapsed after the Civil War. It is now making a modest comeback as a gourmet rice.

Carolina rice is an all-purpose rice that is good in pilafs and side dishes with vegetables. Keep your eyes open for this gourmet rice in your grocery stores.

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