Weigh-in and More Scale Talk



This is both a weigh-in day and a travel day. We have spent a week in Ormond Beach. I like to look out the Resort room window at the beach. I like to hear the rhythms of the wave’s steady beat on the shore. Weather permitting a nice walk on the beach relaxes the body and soul. So that’s what we’ve been doing this last week.

There’s only two weigh-in days left this year. If you subtract today’s weigh-in then there is only one left. Any goals made this year have only a week left. The year 2015 is just about wrapped up.

Here’s another the scale is not your friend quote. “Within the span of days it can lift you up, pull you down, drag you through the dirt and then pick you back up again. All with a smirk on its little scale face. Because the scale knows that it’s deceiving, knows that it’s often dishonest, but it also knows that you keep coming back for more. Sometimes more than once per day.”

I’m sorry, but I only agree to agree that you get your opinion. If you think the scale should consider your feelings, then don’t step on it, especially if you have gained. No it doesn’t care. Get over it people. The scale is simply gives you a number that tells you if you lost or gained weight. If that bothers you, then lose weight and you’ll be happy with your friend the scale.


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