Limes – Versatility, Trivia, and Key Limes


Most limes in the United States are probably grown in Mexico or Florida followed by Argentina and Brazil. It interesting that in 2007 India was the number one producer of limes in the world. There are various hybrids of limes which we’ll only mention by name: Tahiti Lime, Bearss Lime, and Persian Lime.


limes-sliced-pic-150x150As we have already shared, limes are good for your health and have versatile uses other than in culinary dishes and drinks. Lime extracts and oils are used in cleaning supplies, perfume and aromatherapy.


Here’s some other interesting “lime” trivia.

  • Did you know that Orson Welles originally played Harry Lime in 1949 in the film adaptation of Graham Greene’s “The Third Man”? Later in 1951 and 1952, his role was reprised for the radio show called “The Adventures of Harry Lime”.
  • Did you know that Lime Jell-O is the official state food of Utah?lime-jello-pic
  • Did you know that Lime-flavored Jell-O was introduced to the public in 1930?
  • Did you know that if you microwave a lime for just 15 seconds before squeezing, it will produce almost twice as much juice.
  • Did you know that in Mexico the workers would put limes in the neck of their beer bottles to keep mosquitoes away?


You may be imagesVIXYSD5Lfamiliar with Key Limes. They were already growing in the Florida Keys in the late 1880’s. We can thank Arab traders who shared these green fruits as they journeyed to the areas of the Mediterranean and into Europe. Then via the Crusaders who carried them throughout other parts of the world, and finally Columbus introduced these citrus fruits to the West Indies on his second voyage. It was Spanish explorers and settlers who actually began growing them in Florida, specifically in the area of the Florida Keys. It isn’t surprise then that these particular limes are what we now call Key Limes.

The key lime itself is smaller in size than regular limes andkey-lime-pie-pic-150x150 seedier. It also has a higher acidity, a strong aroma, and a thinner rind. Most consider the key lime to have a more tart and bitter flavor, and is the main flavoring ingredient in none other than Key Lime Pie. It’s my mother-in-law’s favorite pie. Besides enjoying key limes in pies, other desserts and drinks, the key lime tree has a great reputation as an indoor houseplant.

Maybe you’ve got enough time today to stop by your local grocery store and take home some key lime pie. If you do, please enjoy it for me, too!


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