Limequats and Kumquats

Citrus fruits


You’ve probably heard of kumquats but there are also limequats. It shouldn’t belimequats pic surprising then that the limequat is a cross between the lime and the kumquat. Its shape is more oval than round, and it has a thick, shiny green skin with small edible seeds. The limequat pulp is yellow with a bitter-sweet taste. A medium limequat is only 20 calories, and has 7 carbohydrates and 2 grams of dietary fiber. They are also rich in Vitamins C and A.

limequats-slicedThe limequat plant is now grown in Japan, Israel, Spain, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and in the United States—California, Texas, and Florida. You can often substitute a limequat for limes and lemons in recipes.


Kumquat You may actually be surprised to learn that this small, oval fruit is kumquat picactually in the citrus family and somewhat resembling a small orange. Kumquats taste like other citrus fruits but their main distinction is that they you can eat them completely peel and all.

The kumquat plant is actually native to South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. They have long been cultivated in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Southeast Asia. There are historical references to them in Chinese literature dating in the 12th century.

You can find kumquats in your local grocery stores from November through June. To enjoy the best taste of these little fruits, roll then gently between the fingers before eating as this blends the ingredients in the rind and the tart pulp together for more enjoyment. And remember, you can eat them whole just as you would grapes.

The calories for kumquatskumquats in salad picture are equivalent to that of grapes: approximately 13-20 calories per kumquat, depending on the size of each. Even though they are rich in dietary fiber, they only have 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of protein, and 21 grams of carbohydrates. Even with their 12 grams of sugar, they are rich Vitamins A and C), as well as pigment antioxidants. They taste great and offer so much for your good health. The picture to the left shows kumquats with an orange on the right.

You can enjoy kumquats in fruit salads, as a garnish on platters, excellent for marmalade and preserves, jams, jellies, and even in cakes, pies, and ice cream. You may just need to add this particular citrus fruit to your list of “must try’s”.

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