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I would say beans are worth their weight in health! Yet there are those who would say otherwise….

full of beans sign picI’m sure you’ve heard people say “you’re full of beans”. In American English “full of beans” means that someone is not to be believed. It can as well mean the person is talking nonsense, which would be the same as saying “they are full of hot air“. Here’s a different slant from the American English meaning. In both British English and Australia, the term “full of beans” means to be full of life, energy, and enthusiasm and vigor.

Even a popular singer, Bobby Darin, was quoted as saying “I could have a roomful of awards and it wouldn’t mean beans”.

Looking at yet another attribute of beans, we add this stomach discomfort pic‘bean note’ which deals with the result of eating beans: Flatulence. If you’ve eaten beans, you know the danger that lies ahead of you with possible intestine or stomach distress, substantial gas, and bloating. For many people dietary fiber and raffinose are not broken down during digestion but instead stay intact and enter the large intestine. This is when the discomfort of fermentation begins resulting in flatulence for many.

One blogger said that beans are the musical fruit. There are ways to help eliminate this musical-fruit-picture-1-150x43embarrassing situation when eating beans. Taking  a dietary enzyme containing alpha-galactosidase, such as Beano or Bean-zyme is most helpful. Hopefully you can enjoy adding a variety of beans to your healthy diet without stomach distress.


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