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About Us

Who We Are

Our foundation is based on high quality, natural herbal products that offer results, and positively change lives.

We leverage the best of western and complementary medicine to provide you with the highest level of individualised health care.

We believe in the the whole-of-body-and-mind approach and use treatments that are evidence-based with greater emphasis placed on preventative health care.

We are invested in supporting the health of our customers, our environment, and our community.

At The Health Place Africa, we believe that nature took time to become perfect, so we take our time perfecting our products and our services.

We have invested most of our time and our capital in doing research and finding the best products for our customers.

Every step of how we grow, source, and produce our products is carefully thought out.



Since 2017, The Health Place Africa has been a family spreading love and health with every product.



Our Guiding Principles

 Every product is sourced and created out of love and passion for healthier and better options.

We take full social and ethical responsibility for our services and products. As such, we ensure that every plant is ethically sourced and produced, and every member of The health Place family is well taken care of.

From our founder’s steadfastness in finding the right solutions, we have invested time and resources in researching new and better alternatives.


We believe in friendship and reliability. Our customers are our number one priority.




Educating and informing everyone of nature's goodness is a fundamental part of our company.